Trip to Saint John is always one of the most enjoyable trips that you can take. It is situated on the eastern coast of Canada near the US state of Massachusetts. The island is well-known for its pristine beaches and for the rich marine life it harbors. For this reason, every year many thousands of vacationers and travellers from across the world journey to the island in order to have a look at its colourful flora and fauna. In fact, the abundance of different species of flora and fauna makes this island an important breeding ground for a number of unique species of plants and animals.


So, if you are also planning to go on a road trip then be sure to visit Saint John for at least two nights. The beautiful beaches of Saint John are perfect for taking a relaxing road trip on the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. The best time to visit the island is between mid May and mid September when the weather is mostly pleasant. This will also ensure that you get the maximum amount of sunlight. Also, the summer months from early July to late August are the best time to explore the various attractions in Saint John.


When you plan your trip to Saint John, you should also take into consideration the different routes to take. There are three main highways, namely the Saint John River Road, the Saint John Seaway Trail, and the Saint John Goats Trail. You will find that these highways make up the major tourist trail. The Saint John River Road starts from the southern end of the island and goes through several towns and cities before reaching the ocean. The seaway trail is a great way to explore the unique culture and history of this island. Lastly, the Saint John Goats Trail is a beautiful long hiking trail that takes you through the beautiful countryside of this island.

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For those who like to spend their vacations drinking, smoking and visiting all the historic sites, then the Saint John Ale House is the perfect choice. It has two locations, the first one situated in between Port Hope and Newbride on Bay Street. Here you can enjoy your pint or beer while watching the locals perform many acrobatic tricks. For those who want to spend a little more time touring the area, the second location of the local craft shop, namedwoods, is the ideal place. Here you can purchase your favorite craft products. The craft shop caters mainly to the local crafts people and tourists who visit the island.


For those who are looking forward to visiting Canada’s newest city, the capital city of Saint John, you should definitely include the city of Saint John in your list. This city is quickly developing into one of the major tourist destinations in Canada with its abundance of outdoor recreational activities, fabulous restaurants and bars, and beautiful scenery. The tourist season runs from November to March, so plan your trip to Canada during this period.


There are many things that make this place an ideal vacation destination for both Canadian and international tourists. You will find wonderful shopping centers, fabulous hotels, as well as museums all around the city. If you are planning a honeymoon, then you should definitely include the beautiful town of Saint John, which is just an hour away by car from the new Brunswick museum. Also take a tour of this beautiful island that will surely amaze you. All in all, visiting the Canadian province of Saint John will be a wonderful experience that you and your loved ones will never forget.

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