Top Reasons to Take a Trip to Guatemala

Trip to Guatemala

Top Reasons to Take a Trip to Guatemala

As you read every word of this Trip to Guatemala article, you will be better prepared to experience the thrill, adventure, and majesty that Guatemala has to offer. Although there are many different locations that make up Guatemala, jungle safaris seem to be the favorite. For most of the western part of the country, it’s easy to get around using public transportation. However, in the eastern half of the country, you must use a variety of means, including hiking, horseback riding, and zip lining. Regardless of what your particular interests or travel style, Guatemala will give you all the resources and advice needed to properly plan and execute your trip to add value to your adventure.

There are four major sections to this exciting trip: the highlands, the rainforest, the central highlands, and the treks around the lake at Iturupazu. In the highlands, you will find the capital of Guatemala, Mazate, and many other interesting ruins from the Spanish conquistadors. Other popular destinations include Antigua, which is known for its shopping malls, beaches, and restaurants. For those who prefer a more peaceful environment, a visit to the beautiful Guatemala Highlands and their surrounding rainforests will give you the opportunity to see some incredible wildlife.

If you prefer to travel by water, a trip to one of Central America’s hidden gems, namely Belize, will give you yet another unforgettable experience. Once you reach Belize, you will be able to enjoy an eco-tourism adventure at one of the numerous ecotourism lodges available throughout the nation. While you are in Belize, you can take a trip to Puerto Plata, which is known for its amazing Mayan ruins. If you love wildlife, you can spend time exploring the national parks in the area, such as Corcovado National Park. There are many other Belize attractions, such as the Blue Hole and the Rainbow Springs, as well as trips to San Pedro and Catahawah island.

If it is nightlife you crave, then a trip to Guatemala’s capital of Pusan will give you the chance to explore one of the most historic cities in all of Central America. On your journey, you may visit historical ruins such as the San Ignacio Ruins or spend time visiting the museums, temples, and cathedrals that have been built during the Spanish colonial era. Other sites that you may want to see while in Pusan include the Mayan Riviera, Tambomachay National Park, and the Maya Ruins, all of which were destroyed during the Spanish conquistadors’ period of rule. Other stops on your journey may include Chiapas, Mexico, where you can visit the many beautiful towns and churches.

Not all travellers wishing to take an eco-tourism tour of Guatemala will be interested in the ancient Mayan culture. Guided tours of Guatemala offer travellers a chance to experience a different type of culture, including the many different ethnic groups that inhabit the country. When you sign up with a tour company that specializes in eco-tours, you will be able to choose a particular tour that will allow you to see and experience a variety of these different cultures. Since the tours are self-guided, you will not need any assistance once you reach your starting point.

No matter what your interests are, there is bound to be a trip to Guatemala that will please you. The western highlands and central America offer travellers a chance to see the world from the eyes of a traveller, offering adventures that few places in the world can provide. Whether you are planning a family trip, or a trip for the adventure seeker, there is a great deal to enjoy in Guatemala.

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