Tips For a Great Trip to Egypt – Tips for Private Touring

Travel to Egypt can be a fun and exciting experience. However, tourists who plan on visiting Egypt should consider a few safety tips. This country is home to some of the ancient wonders of human history. Along with being a location that holds fascination for historians and explorers, Egypt is also known for its natural beauty.

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Before booking any tour, tourists should consider any pre-existing medical issues that they might have. Traveling to Egypt could increase your risk of contracting an illness such as Meningitis. Therefore, travellers should avoid travelling alone and should seek out a tour to Egypt that includes some form of medical coverage. Additionally, travellers should stay at least six feet away from those who aren’t travelling with you, wash their hands frequently, or use personal sanitizer if you need to, and see your doctor for any signs of sickness during your trip.

The most common travel tips given by tourists include asking the local tourist guides about the safest areas to travel in Egypt. However, this advice is rarely followed. Many Egypt tours offer tips such as passing through Cairo without a guide, going to the southernmost point of the country, and seeking out “out of the way” places that tourists shouldn’t do much exploration in. However, there are still many hot spots that should be avoided. Following is a list of some of the most dangerous Egypt locations that travellers should avoid.

Hurghada. This is an area that is not only extremely dangerous, but has one of the largest religious populations in Egypt. There is a religious and political war going on between supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and forces loyal to the regime of President Mohammed Mursi. The Sinai Peninsula is a strategic location, bordering Israel and the Occupied territories. Anybody who travels to Hurghada without the necessary escort usually faces danger. To be safe, it’s recommended that travellers get help from Egyptian or international security firms.

The Nile. Although the Nile is a beautiful river, it’s also a busy highway. Many of the major towns in Egypt are on the Nile, making navigation through the area a dangerous prospect. For tourists interested in seeing the pyramids or other monuments of ancient Egypt, this is a recommendation you shouldn’t ignore.

djed Egypt travel guide. A good djed Egypt travel guide is essential for anybody intending to walk away from Egypt with anything they can carry. These guides are typically based in the city of Sharm el Sheikh. Their information helps tourists avoid crime in Egypt, which can be a bit tricky when you leave Sharm el Sheikh. The chances of crime are higher at the start of the tourist season.

Private tour. There are a number of companies offering private tours to Egypt. These can take just a few days, but can give you a better chance at seeing and experiencing Egypt in its most authentic way. Your guide will take you to key archaeological sites, such as the Valley of the Kings or the Pyramids of Giza. They will also tell you about the history and culture of Egypt, and point out interesting places to visit.

Just remember to follow these tips if you’re planning a trip to Egypt – even a short one. And remember that a djed tour is more than just walking around, even though this is your primary focus. If you don’t like to leave your hotel at all, a private tour is your best option. Now you’re ready to start planning your next adventure in Egypt!

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Autumn Short