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Even though the country’s civil unrest was over for over a decade ago, many travel planners still don t even consider planning a Sri Lanka tour until the Easter Monday terrorist attacks of 2021. This unfortunate development was unfortunately even sooner than that, and is still worse now. Tourists from all over the world who had just been in South Lanka or even planned a trip to Sri Lanka prior to the violence, were affected by its horrific nature. Nearly thirty thousand people died, countless houses were destroyed, countless lives were lost and the Sinharikala National park and wildlife sanctuaries were nationalized as protected sites. Tourism is virtually banned in the country, and not even the local Tamil people who have inhabited the region for centuries can return to their villages due to the security situation.

One of the best-known attractions in Sri Lanka, the Guttapara temple is located on a busy road near Flic en Flac, but it has also been a place of worship since the time it was built over two thousand years ago. A visit to the temple is a must-do in any traveling to Sri Lanka itinerary, though the surrounding area is certainly rich in cultural heritage as well. The town is also known for its tea plantations, which produce an excellent variety of tea and are a specialty of Sri Lanka. There are several other interesting temples and historical places to see in Sri Lanka, including Wilpattu Church, St. Anne’s Cathedral, the Natural History Museum, Flic en Flac Lake, the Kandy Waterfall and more.

The best things to do in Sri Lanka are best enjoyed during the months of April and May when the weather remains pleasant. This is also the dry season, which is favorable for backpackers and beach lovers alike. During these months, you can try your hand at any one of the following activities:

Bike tours are among the best things to do in Sri Lanka, especially if you want to explore some of the topography of the island. If you do not have your own bike, renting a bike will be a good option, as there are many bike rental companies in and around the capital of Colombo, Chennai and the southwestern part of the island. Many people rent motor bikes during their trip to Sri Lanka, as buses and trucks are often too crowded to take them on. Buses in Sri Lanka are quite expensive, and they may offer only limited facilities, such as bathrooms or hot meals. Motor bikes, on the other hand, are extremely inexpensive, especially compared to buses and airplanes, and you will have more room to enjoy a variety of sights.

Swimming and diving in Sri Lanka are definitely worth the effort, especially if you go to one of the hundreds of beautiful beaches in the country. The beaches in Kandy and the surrounding area are some of the most pristine in the world, offering crystal clear water, kilometres of perfect sand and countless hidden reefs and fish to explore. There is no doubt that swimming in the beaches in Sri Lanka is one of the most relaxing activities you can do while here, and you can even choose to go to sea and try your hand at swimming by yourself! There are several resorts and places where you can hire a boat and come out on to the open waters to enjoy the great outdoors, which is definitely something no solo traveller can ignore.

Another popular activity for travellers visiting Sri Lanka is elephant trekking. As one of the most treasured destinations by many people, it is no surprise that the name “Elephant Path” is associated with this popular activity. As the name suggests, elephant trekking is best done through the grandly named National Elephant Trail which runs throughout the heart of Sri Lanka and takes in many popular beaches and national parks. If you want to experience some luxury along the way, you can hire an elephant and take that much needed break from your solo female holiday!

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